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Did you know that simply registering your business name, does not give you the exclusive right to use that name? If someone has already registered a trade mark which is substaintially similar, they could prevent you from trading under your business name.


Registering your business name or logo is a critical step in both building and protecting your brand.

We will take care of every step of the process, from carryIng out trade mark searches, preparing and filing your application, to dealing with any objections raised by IP Australia. All for a fixed price.

Free Trade Mark Name Search

Please give us as much detail as possible and we will carry out an initial search and provide our inital advice on your likelihood of getting the trade mark registered 

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Our trade mark team have assisted hundreds of Australian businesses with their trade mark application.

We have the experience and technical expertise to ensure your application has the best chance of success when lodged. Our team operate primarily online, which means quicker turnarounds and lower costs for your trade mark application​

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I need help with my exisitng trade mark

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