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Do you offer professional services and ready to take your business to the next level?


Establishing clear and professional terms with your clients not only protects your business and your bottom line, it creates a level of professionalism between you and your clients.


The Client Services Business Kit has been tailor made for a wide range of (non-regulated) professional services such as marketers, designers, consultants, online business managers and much more.


The Client Services Agreement has been drafted so to be signed by both parties (either digitally or in wet ink), however you can easily convert the terms to online ‘click accept T&Cs’.


Your kit includes:

  • Client Services Agreement
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy


That’s a saving over $150!


Why Do I Need This Kit?


The Client Services Agreement is a general service contract designed for a vareity of service providers to outline the terms of their professional services. It can be adapted to cover one-off or ongoing services and is drafted in favor of the service provider. The Agreement includes provisions regarding the scope of services, pricing, payment terms, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and termination. It requires customisation to suit your specific business needs, as indicated by areas highlighted in yellow and enclosed by square brackets.


Website T&Cs and Privacy Policies are crucial for protecting your legal interests, setting clear expectations for users, and ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations. They provide transparency and help establish trust between you and your customers. Without them your intellectual property is not protected and you could be sued for an unlimited amount. With them your intellectual property is your own and we put a limit on how much a customer can sue you for.


Key Features of the Client Services Agreement:


  • Define a Clear Scope of Work: Define your precise roles and responsibilities, outlining your services, deliverables, and any timeframes ensuring your clients know exactly what to expect.


  • Transparent Payment Terms: Set clear payment terms, including your fees, payment schedules, and any performance-based incentives, enabling both you and your clients to understand the financial arrangement.


  • Safeguarding Confidentiality: Protect your clients' sensitive information and your own trade secrets with a robust confidentiality clause, maintaining trust and integrity in your business relationships.


  • Intellectual Property Rights: Clearly establish your ownership of any deliverables, materials and other intellectual property you have created for the client.


  • Client Responsibilities: The agreement puts a number of key obligations on the client to ensure that you can effectively carry out your services. You can’t do your job if they don’t do theirs.


  • Safeguards Your Business: The agreement puts a limit on how much a client can sue you for if something goes wrong. It also allows you to subcontract the delivery of the services to another provider if the need arise. 


  • Material Review Timeframes: The agreement sets out client obligations regarding approving materials and consent within a set time.


  • Highly Customizable: Customize the agreement to suit your unique service offerings and client requirements effortlessly.


With our Client Services Agreement Template, you can confidently approach your clients with a professionally crafted agreement that protects your interests and ensures transparency in your business relationships. Save valuable time and resources by starting with a solid template that you can adapt to meet your specific client needs.


Don't leave your professional success to chance. Invest in your business with our Client Services Agreement Template, tailored for Australian professionals, and position yourself as a trusted and reliable expert in your industry.


Want it done for you?


We are always happy to take the work out of your hands. If you buy the template and then decide you would rather leave the drafting to the professionals, you can upgrade to a “Done for You” package from $800+GST. Just shoot us an email and we will take care of the rest.


Legal Notice


This is a template document and has not been prepared to meet your specific circumstances. By using this document you understand that Law by Design is not providing you with any legal advice, nor is there a solicitor/client relationship between us.


This template is suitable for very basic situations. If you are seeking a more detailed contract, please contact us and we can prepare a bespoke agreement for you. The best way of ensuring your document suits your circumstances is seeking legal advice on how to tailor the document to meet your requirements.  As always please feel free to reach out for assistance. You can contact us at

Client Services Business Kit

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