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Contracts are a critical element of every business. They underpin how your business operates, generates revenue and maintains the relationship with your employees and suppliers. A well drafted contract will protect your business and provide clarity for all parties involved. As they create legally binding obligations on your business, it is always best to have a written contract which has been prepared by a specialist lawyer.


Law by Design offers a number of contracts in template form, or tailored for your business needs. We can prepare, review and negotiate a wide range of commercial contracts. Have a look through our fixed price package options below. Get in contact with us if the contract you need is not there.

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We can help you with the following bespoke services or you can check out some of our simple to use legal templates below


Terms of Business

Having clear and comprehensive T&C's in place helps to protect you and will adress potential legal issues


Service Agreement

 It is essential not only to protect your revenue stream & limit your liability, but to crystalise the scope & extent of service


Contractor Agreement 


Make sure you are protected from a contractor being deemed an employee by signing a tailor made agreement


Supply of Goods

If you supply goods you need to comply with the Australian Consumer Law. Make sure your agreement is legally compliant


Software Agreements


If you a re licensing, developing or supplying software then you need a bespoke agreement to protect your IP


Referral Agreements


If you make or receive referrals as part of your business, you need to document each others roles and responsibilities


Sub Contract Review

LxD can review your sub-contract and head contract so you fully understand your rights and obligations.


IP License Agreement


If you want to licence your brand or any of your IP, then you need the protections of a well drafted Licence Agreement


Manufacturing Agreement


If you are producing goods, you need an agreement which covers samples, delivery, inspections, defects & quality

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