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Do you provide professional services and are seeking a reliable and legally sound subcontractor agreement for your projects? As a professional business or consultant overseeing projects in Australia, your success relies on dependable subcontractors to assist you in delivering your projects.


Ensure seamless collaboration and protect your interests with our meticulously drafted Subcontractor Agreement – Professional Services Template.


By utilising this template, services business can establish clear expectations regarding the scope of services, timelines, and quality standards as well as what is expected and required from the subcontractor.


Key Features:


  • Crystal Clear Scope of Work: Clearly define the scope of services, including deliverables, milestones, deadlines, and quality benchmarks to align subcontractors with your project goals.


  • Payment Clarity: Set out payment terms, including rates, GST and invoicing procedures reducing ambiguity and potential payment disputes.


  • Subcontractor responsibilities – The agreement sets out clear obligations on the subcontractor such as performing the services within budget, maintaining all professional qualifications and registrations, supplying their own equipment, immediately correcting errors in their work.


  • Intellectual Property Rights: Clearly established ownership of intellectual property rights, with all IP created under the agreement being owned by you.


  • Insurance and Liability: Clear insurance requirements and liability provisions, ensuring that both parties are adequately protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


  • Confidentiality and Data Protection: Safeguard sensitive project information and data through robust confidentiality clauses, protecting your and your client’s proprietary information.


  • Safeguards Your Business: The agreement makes the subcontractor liable for any damage they cause, claims by the client relating to their work and puts a limit on how much the subcontractor can sue you for if something goes wrong.


  • Client relationship: The agreement prohibits the subcontractor from taking your clients or employees for a set period during and after the agreement end.


  • Highly Customisable: Customise the agreement to suit your unique service offerings and client requirements effortlessly.


With our Subcontractor Agreement – Professional Services Template, you can confidently engage subcontractors knowing that your projects are safeguarded by a professionally drafted agreement. This template streamlines the subcontracting process, saves time, and mitigates risks, allowing you to focus on project success.


Don't leave your project contracts to chance. Invest in your business with our Subcontractor Agreement – Professional Services Template and establish a strong foundation for collaborative, successful projects.


Want it done for you?


We are always happy to take the work out of your hands. If you buy the template and then decide you would rather leave the drafting to the professionals, you can upgrade to a “Done for You” package from $400+GST. Just shoot us an email and we will take care of the rest.


Legal Notice


This is a template document and has not been prepared to meet your specific circumstances. By using this document you understand that Law by Design is not providing you with any legal advice, nor is there a solicitor/client relationship between us.


This template is suitable for very basic situations. If you are seeking a more detailed contract, please contact us and we can prepare a bespoke agreement for you. The best way of ensuring your document suits your circumstances is seeking legal advice on how to tailor the document to meet your requirements.  As always please feel free to reach out for assistance. You can contact us at

Subcontract Agreement - Professional Services

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