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Are you one of the entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of offering online courses?


Introducing the ultimate solution for small businesses seeking to offer exceptional online educational experiences.


Tailor the T&Cs to match your unique business needs. Our template offers the flexibility to modify and adapt clauses to suit the specific requirements of your courses. Whether you offer a single course or a comprehensive curriculum, our T&Cs can be customized to align perfectly with your educational offerings.


Our T&Cs includes robust provisions that grant you exclusive ownership and control over the course materials, preventing unauthorised use, reproduction, or distribution. Protect your hard work and maintain a competitive edge in the online education market.


Who: Any business offering customers programs, courses and learning opportunities which will be delivered virtually


What: T&C’s to cover the sale of your course materials and services


Why: Protect your intellectual property, stop competitors using and misusing your course materials and limit your liability


These T&Cs are drafted on the basis that a Privacy Policy is contained  on your website. Please make sure you have a well drafted Privacy Policy to ensure that you are legally complaint. If not check out our template Privacy Policies today.

Website T&Cs - Online Course

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