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The Online Subscription Services T&Cs Template is a comprehensive and professionally crafted legal document designed specifically for businesses offering subscription-based services online. This customizable template serves as a valuable tool for establishing clear and legally sound terms and conditions for online subscription relationships.


Who: Any business offering customers fixed term, on ongoing subscription to its services. If you are selling subscription goods, check out our Subscription Box T&Cs.


What: T&C’s to cover the provision of your services on a subscription basis


Why: Set out a define scope for your subscription, clear rights to terminate, protect your intellectual property and limit your liability


What Do The T&Cs Cover?

  • The details of your subscription service and the materials you provide your customers;
  • When the subscription service will be provided;
  • Right to chamge the delivery dates and methods if you need to;
  • Your right to subcontract out any part of the service;
  • Requirements for your customers to register to access the subscription service;
  • Option for your subscription to be a fixed term or ongoing until your customer terminates;
  • Ability for your customer to pause or cancel their subscription with notice;
  • Ability to take fees weekly/monthly in line with your subscription model;
  • Obligations on your customer to keep the service to themselves, not share any materials or passwords;
  • Refund policy;
  • Protection of your intellectual property;
  • Restriction around competitors utlising your services and using your website materials;
  • Legal disclaimers;
  • Limit on your liability (how much you can be sued for); and
  • Termination and cancellation


These T&Cs are drafted on the basis that a Privacy Policy is contained  on your website. Please make sure you have a legally drafted Privacy Policy to ensure that you are legally complaint. If not check out our template Privacy Policies today.


Legal Notice


This is a template document and has not been prepared to meet your specific circumstances. By using this document you understand that Law by Design is not providing you with any legal advice, nor is there a solicitor/client relationship between us.


This template is suitable for very basic situations. If you are seeking a more detailed contract, please contact us and we can prepare a bespoke agreement for you. The best way of ensuring your document suits your circumstances is seeking legal advice on how to tailor the document to meet your requirements.  As always please feel free to reach out for assistance. You can contact us at

Website T&Cs - Subscription Services

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